Singularity and North in grade dispute

Two gaming organisations Singularity an North are involved in a dispute regarding the contract of the player named ´gade´.

Gade has been playing in the Academy team for the past few months. They placed 5-8th at the Copenhagen Games and secured a spot at the ESL One Cologne Qualifier.

“We made the player aware from the beginning that he had a buyout equal to the monthly salary he was on until the number of months left on his contract,” Singularity owner Atle Stehouwer told

“As such, his buyout gets cheaper each month that passes. The easiest solution would be for North to simply transfer the amount that matches the number of months gade has on his contract.

“I have been in dialogue with [North Chief Gaming Officer] Jacob “Maelk” Toft-Andersen, who was supposed to get back to me with an answer, but I am still awaiting clarification after two weeks.”

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