Perfect World reveals the chances of receiving rare items from TI7


Some simple translations:

According to the new regulations, we announce here the chances of getting rare drops from TI 7 compendium on PW server:

Immortal treasures

The chance of receiving regular drops is even.

The chances of receiving rare items increase with each treasure opened and are accumulated will continue accumulating.

  • Rare: 1/4 chance when 10 treasures have been opened.
  • Very rare: 1/7 chance when 10 treasures have been opened.
  • Extremely Rare: 1/30 when 15 treasures been opened.

Rylai’s Battle Blessing

  • Sets: 70%.
  • Treasures: 18.7%18.9%.
  • Couriers: 7.5%.
  • Announcer Packs: 3%.
  • Immortal Treasures: 0.5%.
  • Arcana: 0.1%.

And the record of lottery is again published here.

This information is directly copied from Reddit.

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