SK Gaming win IEM Sydney

SK Gaming won their finals against faze to secure themselves the IEM Sydney trophy. SK Gaming have won IEM Sydney after defeating FaZe 3-1 in the title decider (16-12 on Train, 16-7 on Cache, 13-16 on Inferno and 16-11 on Overpass).

The finals were extremely exciting to watch and was a match-up that we wish will happen yet again in future tournaments.

IEM Sydney final standings

1. – SK – $100,000
2. – FaZe – $40,000
3-4. OpTic – $20,000
3-4. Astralis – $20,000
5. Chiefs – $7,500
6-7. North – $4,750
6-7. Renegades – $4,750
8. ViCi – $3,000

In order to read a full throughput about the tournament final standings, check out 

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