CLG announce academy team

Counter Logic gaming have announced their academy team. With multiple organisations forming Academy teams it is not something that CLG want to left behind.

Academy teams are a way for organisations to room and develop talent in a way from the grassroots. it helps them to identify talent early which can then be used within the team for bright results.

“CLG is committed to assisting the growth and development of our players and the new CS:GO Academy team is no exception to that. The players will have opportunities to fill in for the main roster in the event of injuries, illness, or performance concerns. While the team has a lot of work ahead of them, we are confident that this group of players are committed to being the best CS:GO players. I am excited for them to join CLG and look forward to their development.”

– Matt “Trinitiii” Nausha, Esports Director

The new CLG Academy team is :

  • aproto
  • cardiac
  • Char
  • djay
  • mcs
  • Ruin ( Head Coach)

Source : CLG

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