CIS Minor qualifier details announced

Starladder has announced the details for CIS Minors for PGL Krakow Major. 

The qualifiers will begin on May 13-14 with an open bracket, featuring up to 512 teams from 12 Eastern European countries. The top four teams from the open qualifier will advance to the closed stage, in which they will be joined by 12 invited teams. These 16 sides will be split into four GSL groups, with eight teams advancing to the Minor.

The 12 teams who have been invited to compete in the closed stage, which will run from May 16-19:

Spirit K29
spray’n’pray Tengri
Quantum Bellator Fire EPG
zARLANS 1337
NOVA Spartak
ACG Vega Squadron

This information has been copied from HLTV.

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