Unikrn acquire Leet

Leet is a casino focussed Esports company. It is based of Las Vegas and has a strong presence in the region. Recently Las Vegas has shown a strong orientation towards esports and the gambling aspect of esports.

Unikrn has been a strong voice in the fight against underage gambling and unregulated gambling in esports. They were one of the prime reasons why Valve stopped skin based betting in esports. They have now acquired Leet and have maintained their presence in the regions esports scene.

Kingsley Edwards, Founder and CEO of LEET said of the deal: “Our company has seen growth throughout 2016 with our casino events business and we’re looking forward to an even better 2017 and beyond with Unikrn. It’s clear that casinos are in need of a modern strategy to engage young adults. Unikrn and LEET provide exactly that with our complimentary suite of esports products, community reach, and talented team.”