Polish Esports league announced

The Polish Esports league has been announced with 5 invited teams and three qualified teams. 

The league will be played out online from beginning to end, with all teams facing each other on two maps per game day, for a total of 28 game days. After the league phase, an online playoff with the four best teams will take place.

The prize pool will be divided based on match results which prompts the teams to perform their best at the tournament. This prize distribution also means that the lower ranked teams can also have an opportunity to win some prize money.

Here is a list of the teams which will be playing the league:

Kinguin Pompa Team.black
VenatoreS Grubasy
Pompa Team

Prize distribution:

1. – ~$11,500
2. – ~$4,300
3. – ~$2,000
4. – ~$1,000