Should teams be invited to OGN Apex S3 or should they qualify

Recently it was learnt that a few of the OGN Apex Season 3 spots were invited and not based on talent / merit. NRG and Rogue. These rosters are newly formed for the most part and have not proven themselves in top level Overwatch.

NRG have not even played a single match with their new roster. Ofcourse with the likes of Seagull and the likes, we can expect some of these players to draw a lot of attention to the tournament. However OGN being the best tournament structure in Overwatch, shouldn’t skill be rewarded with a spot instead of having invites?

I feel that considering how small the Overwatch esports scene is in right now, it is important to invite teas based on how well the organisers think they can perform. It will create the best type of Overwatch for the average viewers.