Esports app gets $6 million in funding

Dojo Madness is a esports related app that sells coaching and analysis for casual and professional gamers. It has secured $6 million in a new round of funding.

The latest round of financing for Dojo was led by Raine Ventures, the venture investment arm of the boutique investment banking shop, The Raine Group, and K Cube Ventures, the investment arm of Korean messaging platform Kakao.

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This forms a renewal of the commitment by investors in esports as a whole. The industry is growing at a fast pace and has been in the limelight for a long time. With multiple esports developers such as Valve, Blizzard releasing successful titles repeatedly it is no doubt that the market is shifting in a big way towards esports.

“Many popular esports titles exhibit a very steep learning curve. DOJO’s products improve the experience and engagement of players in their favorite games, and as such, are equally of great value to publishers. We couldn’t be more thrilled to partner with such an experienced and passionate team,” said Blair Ford, a venture partner at Raine Ventures, in a statement.

Dojo esports sells automated coaching tools for the top esports titles of Dota2, Overwatch, League of Legends. It acts as the interface between people entering the esports scene for the first time. It is crucial as it has different levels of difficulty according to the user.