MonteCristo and DOA to move back to the west for Overwatch League

MonteCristo and DOA have been the link for English speaking viewers to the OGN Apex SEason 2. They have been handling the Overwatch OGN Apex Seasons 1 and 2. The korean tournament sees a majority of its viewers as Korean.

ESPN reports that they will be moving back to the west in order to act as consultants for the overwatch League. They have been the biggest casting brands in Overwatch and their involvement with BlizzardĹ› Overwatch League is not a surprise.

“Obviously we will serve as broadcasters for the Overwatch League once it begins in Q3 of 2017, but we’re also excited to serve as consultants to Blizzard as the broadcast and shoulder content takes shape,” Mykles told ESPN. “One of the most compelling aspects of moving back to the States is the opportunity to help build a show from the ground up that resonates with fans as an authentic esports product rather than overreaching into outmoded models from traditional sports.”

The pair has been synonymous with South Korean esports having moved to Overwatch from a league of Legends background.

“I’m actually surprised when I look back at how much I’ve actually casted since coming out here in 2011,” Lonnquist said. “For me, the 2013 Champions Summer finals will probably always be my most memorable casting experience. Getting absolutely torrential rain dumped on me and [Mykles] while casting the first game. The SKT reverse sweep and the Faker vs. Ryu Zed duel at the end of it all. Amazing day from start to finish.”