Anders talks about his future and a possibility to set up a stream

Anders is one of the most well known celebrity caster in Counter Strike. Anders along with Semmler have been the pinnacle of CSGO for so long in most of the major events.

In this twitter post, Anders mentions about his future in Streaming and a possibility of a Twitch stream. He will be streaming online and talking to his followers live. Anders like to discuss and talk about theorycrafting along with several other issues within the game. The caster who has extremely good relationship with most of the community pros has deep understanding of how the esports scene proceeds.

So now for some kind of actual post.. I’ve been doing a bit of soul searching lately, about what kind of life I would like to live and how I feel generally. I tried to summarize in my mind how the nature of casting has changed for me since early 2013. Definitely some things have improved, there are a lot more big events with big crowds, which is without a single doubt the best part of my job, it is what I love and enjoy the most. But back in 2013, 99% of the time casting involved sitting in my bedroom where there was a lot more, how can we put it — fucking around, than you see now a days. There was also, a bit of a closer connection to the community because you would generally be able to look at, and even interact with the enormous but hilarious stupidity of twitch chat. Studio and stadium events don’t really allow for that, and

I don’t imagine it would fit well with those types of products anyway. But as I was trying to figure what I was missing or what I wanted more of, it was kind of that, the ability to interact a bit more than you can generally do on twitter or through a studio/event type cast. Before I left for Kiev, I did some casual streaming which some evenings degenerated into random talking and improvised Q and As, and other times just to laughing and having fun with friends. Regardless, it made me want me to do it a lot more, so one of the things I am curious about is whether or not any of you guys out there would be interested in that kind of thing? I also am not sure if I should stick to CSGO, or also try and venture into streaming whatever other games I play, which really arent that many. I am not sure how regularly I will be able to do this kind of thing, but I will try and aim for something reasonable in the beginning and we’ll see how it goes. anyway, thanks for reading everyone, let me know what you think! //edit In case it wasnt clear from the original post, I wasn’t considering swapping out live events over streaming, I was thinking more about what happens between the events!