Joe Montana invests in Cloud9

Cloud9 is one of the best esports organisation in NA. The organisation which was started as a small company by Etienne and his wife has seen themselves progress to becoming one of the biggest esports organisation in NA. Cloud9 has been largely funded by the private money of the Etiennes.

However with increasing player salaries and costs  increasing for the organisation, CLoud9 has also turned its attention to accepting venture funds.

Montana and his seed stage fund Liquid 2 Ventures invested in Cloud9 over the past week, along with other notable athletes such as Hunter Pence of the San Francisco Giants and Andrew Bogut of the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Jack Etienne:

“Twitch is a fantastic tool to find what people are watching,” Etienne said. “There is a lot of research you can do on Twitch. H1Z1 and games [in the same genre] are getting a lot of attention.”