Blizzard opens esports Stadium in Taipei

Blizzard has been the pioneer in esports and formalising the esports scene in general. Their ambitious OWL ( Overwatch League ) is considered to be the next big thing in esports.

The stadium opens its doors to esports with the first exhibition match between Flash Wolves and ahq. The stadium seats between 200 to 500, and it boasts a 6.144 x 3.456 meter main display screen and two 1.096 x 1.536 meter side screens.

It is ideal for smaller esports events and is seen as an attempt by Blizzard to formalise attending of esports events. Having an exclusive esports stadium definitely goes a long way in stating the intentions of the community and the company in general.

The first tournament for the Blizzard eStadium will be the Overwatch Pacific Championship on April 8th. At least initially the stadium won’t be open everyday but, as reported by Focus Taiwan, it will open Wednesday to Friday evenings and from 2pm to 11pm on weekends.