5Power and Tree9 to merge to form a new e-sports organistiaon

Team 5power are set to attend the SL Starseries Season 3 in sometime. However just before the tournament goes live, there has been a new announcement of two teams merging together.

The new merged entity will be called UYA E-sports club. Tree9 is the other side of the deal which will merge with 5power. Tree9‘s three gaming divisions will move under the new nomenclature. According to HLTV, the new organisation will also sign a third CSGO team shortly.

UYA’s main team will take on Natus Vincere in the first Swiss round of the StarSeries event, kicking off on April 4.

The team has the following lineup:

Lei “forget” Li
HongGuang “Stevie” Li
ZhenDong “Not7” Mo
ZhiHai “QKA” Fu
Wei “shuadapai” Wang

UYA’s secondary squad consist of:

LiangZhu “ECOKING” Zhong
ShaoFe “Bobby” Shen
Bin “forestfan” Chen
YiZhui “CLOUD” Wang
WenLong “kr1s” Yan