Morgan Stanley Report says OWL could rival WWE

Blizzard’s Overwatch league has been one of the most anticipated esports news in 2017. With the projected team costs being rumored to be around $10 million per team, it definitely is aiming high. Establishing themselves in the esports scene is important for blizzard as they aim to develop the scene around their newest FPS title , Overwatch.

A recent report by Morgan Stanley puts the revenue generated by Overwatch League at $100 million. These numbers are the lower end of the spectrum and is revenue projected from the league itself. It does not include any projected earning from the sale of the game.

The higher end of the projection is pegged at $720 million comparing it to bigwigs such as WWE. Ofcourse Blizzard would need to make some changes in their model in order to achieve such high numbers. The changes needed would include increasing the number of teams to 32 from the current 16. This report comes at a time when there have been pessimistic reports about the Overwatch league. Analysts such as Thoorin and Richard Lewis have expressed their apprehension about the Overwatch League being successful.

An Image shown by the report mentions the possible scenarios into the OWL