India to host an esports tournament featuring top teams : COBX

India to host an esports tournament featuring top teams : COBX

According to a report by; India is all set to host a tournament later in the year. The tournament will feature international teams and will have several top players in attendance.

The tournament will be funded and hosted by RouteMobile Co-founder Rajdip Gupta. The event which is called COBX Gaming for now will feature the top teams in attendance. it will also have the aim of sending Indian teams to top international events in Dota2 & CSGO.

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Two of the 16 teams in attendance at the event will be determined by a national league, which will start in April and have upwards of $15,000 on offer. The remaining 14 slots will be filled by international teams invited by the event’s organisers.

“If you see our talent in games such as CS GO and Dota 2, they are not bad, the major problem is that they don’t get that exposure,” he told

“Our goal is to make India a fixed destination on the international esports calendar.

“So young teams are exposed to experienced players, that is the only way we can have teams playing at majors and high level.

Despite being such a big country, India has had almost no representation in international esports events. They did get invited to the inaugural CSGO Major but they have been absent from the professional competitive scene since then.