European Master Series 1 kicks off Saturday, April 1st

Kicking off this weekend Saturday, April 1st is a completely new tournament series looking to make a name for themselves. European Master Series is set to host a 3-day online event in a double elimination bracket series.

Some notable CS:GO teams have been invited to the event, as well as some lesser known teams, equally giving everyone a chance to compete for the prize money and make a name for themselves. The 6 invited teams include: Gatekeepers, Binary Dragons, Outlaws, Above The Rest, Vexilla and ex-DarkPassage.

In addition to the 6 invited teams, 2 teams had a bit of a tougher route to get entry, but definitely proved they should be here. WASD Sports and Squared eSports both had to compete in a 128-team qualifier to get a shot at the $3,000 prize pool.

Maps and Prizes

The first season of the EU Master Series will feature the standard competition map pool including: train, nuke, mirage, cache, cobble, overpass and inferno.

For the prize pool, 1st place takes home $2,000 and 2nd place takes $1,000 in prize pool money while the top 3 teams each get a invite to season 2 where the prize pool is rumored to be even larger. So while 3rd place doesn’t take home any prize money, the invitation to season 2 will still be highly sought after!

When and Where to Watch

The action will kick off this Saturday, April 1st at 12:00pm noon EST (18:10 CEST) with the first match being Above the Rest vs WASD.

The grand final will be held on Monday, April 3rd once there are only 2 teams left.

There will be multiple Twitch and Hitbox streams covering the event:

  • (English)
  • (English)
  • (Russian)
  • (Russian)

For more details regarding this event, check out the official European Master Series 1 event page.