Gfinity adds CS:GO, Street Fighter V and Rocket League to tournament schedule

London, 27th March 2017: Gfinity, the UK’s leading eSports promoter, has today announced the third and final game title in its inaugural Gfinity Elite Series professional eSports tournament. Rocket League will be joining Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Street Fighter V for the UK’s showpiece eSports event that gives amateur gamers the chance to make it as a professional.

  • Rocket League – the award-winning vehicle-based soccer game has been thrilling crowds with its insane action and is a growing feature of the eSports scene. The tournament format will be played in multiplayer teams of three vs three
  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – the first-person-shooter warfare series has an established, global pro and amateur community that has been active for over a decade. The tournament format will be played in multiplayer teams of five vs five
  • Street Fighter V – the legendary fighting franchise has broken eSports sign-up records and will deliver endless possibilities that both amateurs and pros can enjoy

Registration is open for the Gfinity Challenger Series at, where amateur gamers of any level can now sign up for cups to earn ranking points, called G-Points. The leading competitors then qualify for the Gfinity Elite Draft, meaning they have the chance to earn a place in the Gfinity Elite Series alongside eight teams of professional gamers for a battle between world-class talent. The Gfinity Challenger Series will open on 27th March 2017 and run for five weeks. The Gfinity Elite Series will commence on 26th May 2017 and run for 10 weeks, taking place in Britain’s only dedicated eSports arena and home of UK eSports, the Gfinity Arena in London.

The Gfinity Elite Series finally provides the UK eSports community with a world class international league that it can get behind, creating a clear journey from grassroots all the way up to pro-level. Although taking place in the UK, both the Gfinity Elite and Challenger Series are open to all gamers worldwide. The league promises to offer exciting new opportunities to watch or play in a fiercely competitive environment on

Neville Upton, CEO, Gfinity plc says: “Gfinity has always been about the gamers and the signing of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Street Fighter V and Rocket League will guarantee the very best action and entertainment for those playing and watching the Elite Series. There is tremendous, world-class competitive gaming talent in the UK, and the Gfinity Elite Series is going to provide the platform for this talent to showcase their skills to the world. We want more gamers playing harder and better at the top level to showcase new home-grown talent to existing pro teams and ultimately pave the way for more UK pro teams being formed that can go on and compete at global events. The Gfinity Elite Series brings world-class-level competition to the UK and is set to be the pinnacle eSports event in the UK.”

Key Facts


  • The Gfinity Challenger Series, the Gfinity Elite Draft and the Gfinity Elite Series are the three phases of the new eSports tournament, which will run sequentially through 2017
  • The Gfinity Challenger Series feeds the Gfinity Elite Draft, where the top competitors  will have the chance to be selected by professional teams in the Gfinity Elite Series
  • When season one of the Gfinity Elite Series begins, season two of the Gfinity Challenger Series will commence, meaning that gamers can play and watch both tournaments respectively
  • The Elite Series will initially launch in the UK and teams will be UK-based, however players do not need to be UK nationals
  • Gfinity will roll out this tournament format in a number locations around the world over the coming year, providing a pathway for thousands of gamers to participate in events in their home country and become national champions, before moving on to compete internationally

Gfinity Challenger Series

  • Season one opens on 27th March 2017 and runs for 5 weeks, finishing on May 7th. Season two will begin in late May 2017
  • Gamers will play to earn G-Points which could see them qualify for the Gfinity Elite Draft, and ultimately get selected to play on a professional team during the Gfinity Elite Series at the Gfinity Arena
  • Cash prizes reach as high as £900 for winning cups within the tournament
  • Everyone is welcome, from experienced players looking to step up to a professional team to newcomers who want to compete for fun. The tournament system will include internal seeding to pitch players and teams of similar ability against each other
  • Scheduled cups are the only way to earn G-Points and prize money, but there will also be ladder formats which you can play at any time, for fun

Gfinity Elite Draft

  • Between each Challenger and Elite season, the Gfinity Elite Draft event will see eight Gfinity Elite Series professional teams pick two players for each game title to add to their existing roster (48 players in total).
  • A minimum of 90 players from the Gfinity Challenger Series will qualify for the Gfinity Elite Draft30 from each game

Elite Series

  • Seasons one starts on 26th May 2017 and runs for 10 weeks, climaxing on 30th July 2017. Each week’s competition will involve all eight professional teams and all three game titles
  • Gfinity Elite Series will be played offline exclusively at the Gfinity Arena in London and will be available to viewers globally across multiple broadcast platforms
  • Teams competing in the Gfinity Elite Series will need to attend each weekend of the pro-season at the Gfinity Arena in London
  • There will be independent leagues for all three game titles, with all eight professional teams playing each other once. The top four-finishing teams from each league will progress to a playoff stage
  • The total prize pool for the Gfinity Elite Series is over £100,000 per season