Unikrn launches Rocket League Betting

Rocket League has seen a slow and quiet growth to esports betting in general. The esports which has seen several players in its kitty has never been able to establish itself as a serious competitive esports. Most of it comes from the marketing strategy employed by Psyonix, the developers. They have been adamant about promoting it as a casual game which is used to relieve tension.

Unikrn has only recently launched and it set to compete against betting giants like Betway esports, BetVision and Bet365.

However, things are taking a turn with the recent RLCS announcement. There have also been several attempts by Psyonix to push their esport title as a competitive esport.

Unikrn worked with regulators in Australia to get Rocket League approved for real money betting on our sportsbook. We’re super excited to be offering odds on Season 3 of the Rocket League Championship Series which will be played across North America and Europe, all the way through to the North American and European Championships in May, then onto the World Championship in June!