ECS will be streamed exclusively on Youtube Gaming

In a massive step in esports, ECS will now be streamed exclusively on Youtube Gaming. The second best streaming platform owned by Google has struck a deal with Youtube Gaming.

Youtube Gaming came out of a need for Google to have its own streaming platform. If you recall properly Google tried to buy twitch when Twitch was on sale, however they backed out at the last moment due to their Anti-Competition concerns.

In a remarkable and undisclosed amount, Youtube Gaming will stream all the matches for ECS exclusively on their platform. A few weeks ago, ESL Pro League also signed a similar deal with Youtube Gaming. This puts two of the biggest leagues in CSGO in the Youtube Gaming kitty.

This definitely tilts the numbers in favor of Youtube Gaming.

YouTube offers fans of the ECS an unmatched online viewing experience. YouTube is by far the most watched platform for gamers in the world and continues to innovate and lead on video technology, making it a great place for us to call it our new home for the Esports Championship Series.

In an interview to PVPLive;

“We have a positive relationship with Twitch which continues, but we’re very excited about this new opportunity for ECS,” Michale Attisani, CBO at FACEIT told PVP Live when reached for comment. “We look forward to seeing ECS continue to evolve and play a role in taking esports to the next level.”