IEM Sydney Qualifiers announced

The qualifiers for the Australia and New Zealand qualifier for IEM Sydney have  been announced. They will be using a two part : Open and closed qualifier with the qualifiers starting on March 19th.

The second qualifier will start a week later as the teams will look to secure their position in the IEM Sydney tournament.

Along with the two open qualifier teams, six invited teams will compete in the best-of-three double-elimination closed qualifier, with only the best ANZ squad securing a spot at IEM Sydney. The first matches of the closed qualifier will be held on April 1-2, while the grand final will be played on April 9th.


he following teams have been invited to the closed qualifier:

Tainted Minds Chiefs
Immunity Dark Sided

IEM Sydney will feature eight teams in total, with four of them already confirmed:

SK Renegades
Astralis OpTic
China qual. ANZ qual.