Rush and Mixwell set to join Team Liquid

According to a new report by Dekay, Rush and Mixwell from Team Optic will be leaving the roster and be joining Team Liquid.

The two players from Liquid that will be replaced are Pimp and jdm64. The source mentions that the deal has a 50/50 chance of happening.

The clauses holding the teams back are not monetary based, but contractual based. If Pimp is replaced on the team, he is most likely to return to EU rather than continue playing in NA.

Optic and Liquid have been in the news for most of this year after trying to form strong rosters which can have a good potential in the Global CSGO scene. Optic who started the new year with a roster having an outside chance of winning the major have failed to make an impact this year. They loaned Peacemaker and Hiko from Liquid on a temporary basis, but Hiko left soon after.

Liquid have a roster which was considered a star roster when it was made. However after repeated failures, the team has lost a lot of confidence. In True NA style, they resort to roster swaps to boost their confidence instead of trying to give the team a chance to improve. We have examples from EU where teams with long standing rosters have actually improved and are now considered the best in the world. Obviously NA mentality does not feel the same as they look to make big changes across the two most successful NA CSGO teams to improve their results.

Whether this will impact their standings or not, only time will tell. For now the deal is unconfirmed and has not been publicly announced.