Overwatch Carbon Series week 4 Preview

The Overwatch Carbon series has entered it’s fourth week. While LG Evil has definitely pulled ahead of the pack, the vast majority of the teams are in a close contest to make it out of the Group stage. LG Loyal and Liquid have a very bad score, but with two weeks still left on the table we might see a few upsets from either team.


The current standings for the tournament are :

Week 4 Schedule for the Overwatch Carbon Series :

Complexity have their two matches against the weakest teams in the tournament so far, LG. Loyal and Team Liquid. Both LG.Loyal and Liquid have come off fresh roster changes. Loyal are actually looking to shake up their roster even more and try to get a better team. This means that they will not be performing at the same level of gameplay as we have seen from them till now, which frankly has not been impressive at all.

The biggest and most impactful match of this week has to be Renegades vs Immortals. Both the teams are at the center of the table and the result of this match would decide the seeding into the semifinals.

Team Liquid

Team Liquid have it really tough for this week. Despite being down 1-5, they theoretically had a chance to make it even in this week’s matches. But their point difference of -11 definitely hurts them a tonne. There is simply no ways they can come out on top of Immortals even with strong performances. With Shadder2k, their lineup is a lot more versatile than it was a few weeks ago. But they will need continuous good performances for the next few weeks to come in order to stand a chance at making it in the semifinals. The real tussle in this group would be between LG.Loyal and Immortals. Most of the remaining teams are almost guaranteed to make it to the semifinals.