Starix steps down as the Coach for NaVi

Starix has been one of the founding members for NaVi’s CSGO team. He has been instrumental in developing the teams over the years.

However following the poor performance by the team under his coaching, Starix has officially stepped down as the coach for NaVI. He will still be associated with the organisation.

“Maybe I have given the team everything I could, maybe the team sees the coaching role in a different way, and maybe a new person will help the guys to achieve better results,” Ischuk wrote.

“It is time to give the young ones a chance.”

“I will play again, I will try to start streaming,” he added. “I will communicate with different people, and I am willing to listen to all offers.

“I do not exclude the possibility of remaining a coach or creating a new organisation from scratch.

“Thanks to all those who have supported me. I read your every message and every comment. I am very grateful to you. Now, it is time to move on.”