Nevada Gaming Control Board and EIC collaborate to share information about esports betting

A new deal signed between the Nevada Gaming Control Board and  ( EIC ) Esports Integrity Coalition to share information about esports betting and match fixing.

“We are delighted that the Nevada Board have agreed to work with us as they start their journey in the regulation of esports wagering,” said Ian Smith, ESIC’s commissioner, to eSports Pro. “The GCB is the gold standard in the regulation of sports betting in the US and it has already been a pleasure working with them. Adding the experience and vital information of our other partners in the information exchange to the Board’s intelligence database and vice versa will undoubtedly strengthen all our efforts considerably.”

EIC was set up this year with the aim to maintain integrity within esports. Esports has had several matchfixing scandals already involving some well known teams and players. The most glaring example of e-sports match fixing has to be with IBP. The NA team threw their match against a lesser team for skins. While 3 of the original roster are banned indefinitely two others, whose involvement could not be proved are currently playing in other teams.

There are numerous lawsuits against Game developer and publisher Valve with regards to betting in esports. However, these are separate sites, esports betting sites even discourage this unregulated gambling.