Sports Accelerator launched by Adidas Heirs

Adidas is a company that has always associated itself with various sporting organisations and players. The Adidas Company has now thrown down a challenge for anyone with innovative ideas to come upto the company and pitch themselves.

The innovative ideas should be novel and should be something that has not been done in esports earlier. Innovation in the new field is one of the few opportunities to make it big with minimal investments. With esports getting crowded day by day, the oppurtunities to make it big in esports are slowly vanishing for companies. It is important to prioritise innovative ideas instead of just brute forcing one’s way into esports with capita funding.

esports scholarships

LeAD, Legacy of Adi Dassler is currently open to applications from active seed-stage startups. Selected programs will be given a 12-week training program along with expert assistance in achieving their goals.

Diversifying their portfolio from just being an outside investor to being one of the industry veterans through approach and innovation, Adidas are definite believers in the esports scene.