Las Vegas eSports arena to be called ‘The Arena’

Las Vegas has been pushing for a foray into eSports. With the world changing into greater involvement with esports. The newest offering from Las Vegas is their newest Esports Arena. It is named The Arena along with all the capitalisation and letters.

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The E stands for E-sports and A for Arena. While there seems to be some line of thought behind the capitalisation it does look very weird. The esports Arena in itself is quite impressive. It can seat upto 250 people sitting in the venue while the main hall can accommodate up to 900 people.

The venue will not be limited to PC Gaming. It also has a huge collection of consoles at the venue. Millennial Gaming , which is the parent company behind the Arena is looking to have around 300 PC and console on site. There are currently 150 consoles right now.

Casinos and hotels are very excited by the news, with the rise of esports betting and news that esports betting is more popular than Hockey betting, Pinnacle says.

Esports betting sites are yet to announce their interest in Las Vegas in terms of esports betting.