Cloud9 and Optic looking to make roster changes – Dekay

Optic and Cloud9 are considered the top teams in North America. However despite being the best in NA they have had negligible impact in the global CSGO rankings. Their performance has not really inspired confidence in the analysts and other players.

As such it isnt surprising to see a report by Dekay that Optic and Cloud9 were inquiring about other players from other teams. There is not much information about the same, neither has the name of the players been disclosed. This means that the two organisations re looking to swap players or add players to their roster.

This definitely looks as something of a positive step towards rebuilding the team and brand in the future. Optic recently made changes to their team when they brought in Hiko and Peacemaker from Liquid. With Hiko’s ambition being to be a part of the best team in the world, this is just a tiny step as NA looks set to make some glory for itself after EU and South America.