Blizzard make changes to matchmaking. You wont be able to abuse matchmaking anymore

Competitive Overwatch has seen a big problem with many people abusing the system. Blizzard have been proactive in working with the community to help make the matchmaking system better for everyone.

In a recent Battlenet post, Blizzard have made changes to the way matchmaking works.

Behind the scenes, we’re going to be making another change to our matchmaking that deserves its own discussion. The simple and primary goal of our matchmaker is creating fair matches. To do that, it evaluates potential matches by synthesizing an expected win %. The matchmaker is normally really good about creating matches with a win % that is close to 50%, but if the participants in the match are either at very high or very low SRs then it gets quite a bit more difficult. There simply aren’t many players at the extremes of SR to find. This is especially true in our lower population regions AND they’re playing at off peak times such as 04:00 in the morning AND the players queue in a large group. Normally in these situations, we wait to try and find a good match, but eventually compromises have to be made so the players in question don’t wait forever in queue.

This makes it harder for people to actually win off games by queuing up at odd times. The chances of a team winning several matches simply because they cannot find another 6 man at their same rank will reduce significantly.