NIP to get an esports psychologist soon

NIP have run into dire straits. Their CSGO organisation has not been able to win tournaments recently. In the recently concluded Dreamhack Las Vegas, the Swedish roster failed to make any impact against Astralis in the semi finals.

Not so long ago, Astralis were always at a huge disadvantage in any match against NIP. It was a mental block that forced the Danish lineup not to be able to win tournaments and matches against the Swedish roster

In a video published in collaboration with their partner, Betway esports,  NIP Heaton has publicly stated that NIP will also be securing the services of an esports psychologist soon. This definitely comes at a time when the players’ self-confidence is at an all-time low. The Swedish roster can definitely benefit from an esports psychologist which will convince them that they still possess the skills necessary to become one of the better teams in the world.