Shadder2k joins Team Liquid

Shadder2k is one of the best Genji in NA Overwatch. After being courted by several organizations, he joins Team Liquid in an official position.

“I am really excited about the team picking up shadder2k! He fills a void being a top-tier Genji player, and he brings great instinctive play across many other heroes as well. I think he has a very high skill ceiling and can make us quite a better unit overall


Although it’s his first forray into the world of professional gaming, his deadly skills are surrounded by some of the most experienced players in the Overwatch scene, and we hope to foster his talents and bring the team to a much better position.

“For those that follow shadder2k on Twitch or Youtube, you need no introduction. For everyone else, shadder2k is a living highlight reel, with pages and pages of clips on his Youtube channel. I’m really excited to welcome him to our team.”


Shadder2k will start off for Team LIquid immediately in the Carbon Series. Their first match will be against TEam Complexity. It will be interesting to see how the teams cope up with the Bastion Changes