Jugi joins Team Heroic

Jugi joins Team Heroic

Jugi has officially been inducted into Team Heroic. His buyout from his former team is complete with immediate effect.

The news was first teased on the Heroic Twitter handle.

As more team mates started tweeting out direct statements, we could confirm that Jugi will be joining the Danish roster. There is palpable excitement within the roster with the arrival of Jugi. It is probably the team that they wanted to play with as players. It brings them the flexibility to deign their gameplay and make plays accordingly.

A statement from Jugi regarding his move to Heroic :

It feels great! I’ve had a good time with Tricked, but am looking very much forward to starting up with Heroic, who have the ambitions and also the quality to become a really strong contender internationally.

I know a couple of the guys very well, but of course, I have to get used to their style of play and find my own position, but there is such a great vibe on this team, it will not be a problem. Everybody is hungry and ambitious on the team, and I look forward to playing with them, but also to be a part of the set-up provided by RFRSH. Everything here is top professional, and I can’t wait to get started.