H1z1 will be streamed on Channel CW

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H1Z1 will be seeing a new tournament which will feature the top 15 teams in the esport. This tournament is different from other tournaments in the fact that it will be streamed on Channel CW. 

A few of the teams were invited to the tournament. However if there is a team that has not been invited, they can still submit their applications to participate in the event. The tournament will air on CW on April 20th at 9pm EST. This stream will be opened with a documentary which will show how the Echo Fox team has come to be put together.

The name of the tournament is H1Z1 Fight for the Crown. This move is a move by CW to push into Esports. With TBS featuring CSGO successfully on their platform, CW have taken the approach of other smaller esports. It definitely is a welcome boost for H1z1 which is slowly climbing up the ranks in esports