Danish CSGO championships bar top talent from playing in their tournaments

The upcoming Danish CSGO championship will be banning players from their tournament who have received VAC Bans. The tournament will be held at the Copenhagen Games 2017 from April 12th.

If we go by the rules from the tournament, any player who has received a VAC ban over the course of the past 730 days will not be allowed to compete at the tournament.

Valve’s anti-cheat is definitely something of a controversial anti cheat mechanism. It is not something that is seen as reliable or even the know-it-all. There have been professional players and esports personalities who have voiced their dissent for the Anti-cheat. Considering it is the anti-cheat that caters to the largest section of gamers ( who play on the official matchmaking system) it is something that should be way more competent.

The new rules have put┬áHeroic’s Nikolaj “niko” Kristensen and tRICKED’s Johannes Borup in the banned list of players. These players received VAC bans but were subsequently overturned by Valve post review. There have been lots of complaints on dust2.dk; the official website for the tournament. We have players as Fetish also criticising the rules which definitely seem ill-thought out and out of place. This was reported on dotesports for the first time and you can check the original report here.