IEM Katowice 2017 schedule released

IEM Katowice is scheduled to be held from 1st March till 5th March. The $250,000 event will be held in Poland and will witness the best teams compete against each other. ESL have released the schedule for the event which is as follows :

Wednesday, March 1
15:30 OpTicvs. AstralisBO1
15:30 NiPvs. fnaticBO1
16:45 NiPvs. AstralisBO1
16:45 FaZevs. ImmortalsBO1
18:00 OpTicvs. ImmortalsBO1
18:00 FaZevs. fnaticBO1
19:15 Astralisvs. ImmortalsBO1
19:15 OpTicvs. fnaticBO1
20:30 NiPvs. FaZeBO1
20:30 Astralisvs. fnaticBO1
21:45 NiPvs. ImmortalsBO1
20:45 OpTicvs. FaZeBO1
23:00 Immortalsvs. fnaticBO1
23:00 FaZevs. AstralisBO1
23:00 OpTicvs. NiPBO1
Thursday, March 2nd
15:30 Natus Vincerevs. Virtus.proBO1
15:30 Cloud9vs. SKBO1
16:45 Natus Vincerevs. SKBO1
16:45 Northvs. HeroicBO1
18:00 Northvs. Virtus.proBO1
18:00 Cloud9vs. HeroicBO1
19:15 SKvs. HeroicBO1
19:15 Cloud9vs. Virtus.proBO1
20:30 Natus Vincerevs. NorthBO1
20:30 SKvs. Virtus.proBO1
21:45 Cloud9vs. NorthBO1
21:45 Natus Vincerevs. HeroicBO1
23:00 Heroicvs. Virtus.proBO1
23:00 Northvs. SKBO1
23:00 Cloud9vs. Natus VincereBO1
Friday, March 3rd
17:15Quarter-final #1BO3
21:05Quarter-final #2BO3
Saturday, March 4th
17:00Semi-final #1BO3
20:50Semi-final #2BO3
Sunday, March 5th
22:45Grand finalBO5

The group stage matches are best of one matches which will see the return of the double elimination groups. We will see multiple maps as we move into the playoffs. The finals will see a Best of Five match to decide the winner of the $250000 tournament. NIP and Fnatic will be playing in the opening set of matches after many years