Dreamhack Las Vegas might not have enough attendance

The Dreamhack Las Vegas 2017 tournament has been at the forefront as one of the most interesting tournaments in 2017. The seeding done by the organisers has been spot on and we have been spectating some amazing CSGO. The performance of the teams has been spot on with the recent roster changes working wonders for some teams such as SK.

However, one thing’s for sure, esports betting sites will see huge traffic following the event at MGM Grand.

One point that has been repeated over and over again throughout the course of the tournament is the lack of live spectators at the venue. The MGM Grand is an amazing location for such a tournament, however the number of live spectators definitely has been lacking. This has been the case for several of the NA events. NA events are generally considered to be much more profitable for the organisers due to the margins being much higher than those in EU.

Some players might argue that tournaments should be held more in the EU region as it guarantees higher attendance and viewership. This might not be the case that is ideal as it is still early days for the events in NA. EU has been hosting events since quite sometime and as such it is important to note that it takes time for the stadiums to fill up. The organisers in Dreamhack and ESL have to be patient with their approach and cannot expect to fill stadiums right from Year 1.

Dreamhack Las Vegas definitely does not lack interest. It is the fifth highest viewership numbers for viewers. It definitely has seen a new high for competitive CSGO.