Dreamhack Las Vegas Grand Finals Preview

The Dreamhack Las Vegas has reached its pinnacle. The two teams in the grand finals will be Virtus Pro and SK.

Both the teams have proven themselves repeatedly over the course of the past year. SK are undoubtedly one of the most successful team in CSGO over 2016-17. VIrtus Pro, on the other hand, has been consistent with their lineup and there is never a doubt about their calibre.

Las Vegas is sure to be a hot-spot for both esports betting sites and esports punters. Las Vegas is renowned for it’s gambling links and thus DreamHack Las Vegas is sure to make the esports tournament more exciting.

Virtus Pro

Virtus Pro will be looking for blood after their very close loss to Astralis in the finals. The performance of the team has been on point and each player is really turning up for the Polish team. With the IEM Katowice coming up next week it would be really interesting to watch how the team develops and peaks in time.

SK Gaming

SK On the other hand have been equally good. They have added felps to the roster.  Somehow SK always manage to play really well after a roster change. SK have a strong strategic side and have developed strategies that other teams follow during the season. With the form of fer being on point, we can expect some explosive gameplay from the Brazilians