Do you think All tournaments should have similar set of rules?

The Dreamhack Las Vegas event is not following the norm with its new coaching rules. While Valve has enforced the rule that Coaches iwll not be able to talk to the players within rounds most of the other organizers as Eleague and ESL have followed suit. Dream hack however has bucked the trend with their rule which is similar to the old one of allowing coaches to talk to players within the round time. The teams will be allowed only one timeout instead of the regulatory 3-4.

This has caused a lot of confusion and sometimes dissent amongst the players and teams. They have become accustomed to not having their coaches talk to them. While you might argue its beneficial if they have their coaches talk to them, but going away from the standard procedure can cause confusion within the ranks. Players would not be wanting their coaches to continuously talk to them in the matches and disrupt the flow of their attention.

The community in general is all for having standard rules at all esports tournaments irrespective of what they are. What do you think about this? Does Dreamhack having a different set of rules makes it more interesting?