Will NaVi manage to win some tournaments?

NaVi is one of the top CSGO teams in the world. Despite having star players such as Guardian and Simple, they have not had best of results. They were touted as the best team in the world as we entered the Eleague Major. With many analysts and commentators expecting NaVi to be the winners of the Eleague major, it came as a big surprise to them to see NaVi not even make it to the Semi Finals.

While Thoorinś prophecy might sound a bit harsh, it definitely is apt for the situation.The NaVi CSGO roster despite being one of the best in terms of skill also includes Simple. Simple is a player known for his low temper and abrasive behaviour in his teams over the years. If they do not manage to win a few LANś then they might not be able to make it together as a team.