Strongbow investments invest $22 million into a gaming house for M19

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LCL team M19 has announced a significant investment / sponsorship by Strongbow investments into their team. The actual amount of the deal is undisclosed but they made no qualms about the new estate gaming house which is valued at a signficant $22 million.

The deal is rumored to be comparable to the top ten esports deals in the world and is definitely right at the forefront in terms of value based esports deals.  M19 have acquired the Albus Nox Luna team in the CIS LoL region. As ANX, this roster was the first team from a Wildcard region to advance past the Group Stage at a World Championship.

The announcement took place at their new gaming house which is situated at the Strongbow holding Moscow estate. Its value is $22 million which is a significant and long term investment by the investment group. Yahoo esports reported extensively on this deal and you can find more information over at yahoo.