Investment Group acquires MoneMatches and avyd

An investment group led by the lead investors of MoneyMatches Group has acquired assets of Avyd for an undisclosed amount with the intention of merging the two companies. The amount for the deal is undisclosed but might run into millions.

According to Gamurs;

Avyd’s platform will be an online hub for professional and amateur competition, providing skill based wager matches and ladder competitions at launch. It will also offer scheduled and impromptu tournaments, and seasonal ladders for popular esports across multiple platforms. The games are not yet confirmed for the service.

The two companies were very similar and the merger was a very natural decision in the business of things. Ofcourse it creates a bigger entity with bigger goals. With multiple companies coming into the field of esports, the quality of service has to be right on top. We have seen several teams continuously enter esports, but the quality has been suffering in an endeavour to be on top.

Moneymatches has been sponsoring several professional and casual gamers. With the merger,it will help them to centralize their sponsorships. You can read more about the merger on Gamurs