Fnatic announce partnership with AS Roma

Fnatic have announced their partnership with AS Roma. With FC Copenhagen entering esports, several football companies have been looking to enter esports. With the uncertainty around the esports scene and several professionals being quite unorganised its a daunting task for the big football organistaions to enter unprepared.

“As one of the most digitally-connected sports teams in the world, we’ve strived to create an organisation at Roma that engages our fans through all digital channels,” said Jim Pallotta, President of AS Roma. “With the tremendous growth of eSports and continued attention placed on games like FIFA, we’ve partnered with Fnatic, the world’s leading eSports organisation, to launch our eSports team. This joint venture will enable us to start building a strong legacy in eSports and engage our fans in exciting new ways.”

“We’re thrilled and honoured to work alongside AS Roma by helping the club take its first steps into a new, digital chapter in its rich and storied legacy,” continued Sleijffers. “Whether on the grass or in-game, we share the same ambition: be among the top in the world.”

Source : Esports-marketing blog

The roster for the AS Roma FIFA team powered by Fnatic includes Sam “Poacher” Carmody, Aman “Aman” Seddiqi, and Nicoló “Insa” Mirra with Manager Colin Johnson.