A brief overview of eSports investments by NBA

NBA teams have been investing heavily into eSports. They have been the frontrunners in developing the esports scene. Acquiring a significant stake in esports in the early days is a sure recipe for success and most of the investors do not want to lose out on this lucrative deal.

Over the course of the past couple of months, we have seen several NBA teams and owners invest in eSports. From high profile signings such as Philadelphia 76érs to other less publicized investments such as those from Sacramento Kings; the esports industry is undeniably in bed with NBA.

Tnl Media have published a review of all the investments in a infographic released on their website. The InfoGraph gives a mention to all the major signings over the past few months.

Tournaments will be an interesting one, NBA tournaments have notoriously been an exciting and expensive one. It’s evident, especially in the USA, the NBA esports will be a highly exciting one for all esports betting sites and players.