Pinnacle release betting figures

Esports betting took a turn for the better when valve announced the shutdown of CSGOlounge in Mid 2016. This saw the rise of legal esports betting sites such as Pinnacle, Bet365 esports etc.

Players and bettors have taken to these websites in a big way and we are seeing a rising number of bets on the platforms. Recently the numbers were put into perspective by Pinnacle Sports. The company which started offering odds on Dota2 matches way back in 2010 saw massive growth in the last few months.

Directly quoting from SBC News;

“When Pinnacle accepted the first ever bet on esports in 2010 none of us knew if it would be a one hit wonder or could turn into something bigger,” Paris Smith, Pinnacle CEO, told SBC News. “Five million bets later, our expectations have been exceeded – I think it’s fair to say we’re at the forefront of the most exciting and fastest growing betting markets.”