Global Starcraft 2 League: Round of 16

Global Starcraft 2 League: Round of 16


The next phase of the GSL starts next week with the round of 16 on February 8 at 2:00 am PST. Many of the top players that were expected to make it through from the round of 32 failed, including Zest, Solar, World Champion ByuN, and foreign hopeful Scarlett. Is this the result of a post-Kespa era or has the competition gotten even more fierce.

In group A we have TY, aLive, ByuL, and Stats. TY is looking incredibly strongafter his WESG victory over Maru 4:3. Stats recently took out ByuL in the semifinals of IEM Gyeonggi last December, so ByuL may have some difficulties making it out of this stacked group. Everyone points to aLive as the weakest in the group; however, he too is also looking strong after his fantastic series against Scarlett in the ro32.

In Group B we have the SKT reunion and definitive group of death. Dark, Classic, INnoVation, and soO were all on SKT before their recent disbandment late last year. They have all been in the finals of major events and have a number of titles under their belts. Dark had a good showing at IEM Gyeonggi and was in the Blizzcon finals last year. He made it out of his group easily, but INnoVation is currently looking like an unstoppable force himself. INnoVation won IEM Gyeonggi and was taken off of the show ‘Loser Strikes Back’, because no one wanted to play him after he defeated Leenock 11-0 and Scarlett 10-1.

For Group C we have the legacy of the HotS players; herO, Trap, Leenock, and Ryung. The dominant player in the group seems to be herO, but after Trap took out Solar and Ryung knocked out ByuN, this group could be anybody’s.

Finally, in Group D we have sOs, KeeN, Bunny, and Maru. The money man himself, sOs, seemed pretty confident in his abilities during the group nomination show, but with the recent PvT win rates it looks like he might have some trouble, however, the recent patch lowering the Liberator’s Concord Cannon damage could help him out. Historically, Maru’s weakest matchup is TvT, so he might have some issues getting out of the group, but he is still one of the favorites.

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