Possible shuffle brewing between Godsent and fnatic

A user on reddit by the name of “CSGOSHUFFLE2017” anonymously posted interesting rumors about the possibility of an upcoming CS:GO shuffle within the fnatic and godsent lineups. Posted below is the full excerpt of the reddit post. Take it with a grain of salt.

Hello so I’m a pretty known player in a FPL but I would prefer to hide myself from revealing who I am since I am about to leak a good amount of info about the roster changes.

Fnatic and Godsent

  • Fnatic: Krimz, Olof, FLUSHA, JW, and Dennis
  • Godsent: zjnader, pronax, lekro, wenton, and disco dolpan

Twist is not being involved in the shuffle as he is likely going to be going to Maiklelele’s team as he has some internal issues with pronax

Wenton is likely just standing in for the qualifiers

Fnatic and Godsent announcement will likely be at 17:30 CEST


  • Not involved too much with the NA scene but from what I heard from both public and private knowledge it’s likely to be Hiko but he hasn’t been signed yet so he will be just a stand in for IEM

Not sure when this one will be announced

Maikelele’s team (eZaF – Not kidding that’s the name untill they get a org)

  • eZaF: Maik, twist, Rubino, jkaem, Fox

Fox isn’t officially on as he got some offers from Penta and LG


  • From what I heard he has gotten a offer from NA although is not a top 3 team so he isn’t going to be joining them likely and it’s been rumored that BIG is interested

RPK and Ex6tenz

  • Ex6tenz wanted another player with lots of experience which is why RPK was going to go to NV instead of Happy so it would’ve been RPK, Ex6tenz, XMS, Sixer, and he wanted to1nou

RPK was contacted by Happy who thought about another team and RPK ended up going with Happy and also taking XMS away from LDLC


  • North will be removing Rubino and adding Aizy


  • Scream will be replacing Aizy as Aizy didn’t feel comfortable with his roles and Kerrigan as a leader even though they have been doing good to an extent