Karen Brodkin talks about Eleague and the future

Eleague has been a watershed moment for CSGO. With CSGO blowing up in late 2015 it was but a matter of time before the esports came to live television.

Eleague came in and provided CSGO a friday night slot. This was a big step for esports as it meant legitimising esports and taking it into the homes of people. For long esports was considered as the wild west, with many brands interested but confused how to approach the same.

They did not understand the medium, they did not understand how to approach the matter. With very little engagment from non-endemic brands, it was a risk that they had to take. WWE/IMG took the risk. In partnership with TBS, they formed Eleague.

The first season of Eleague saw some really good numbers. TBS did not have high expectations. They had practicals one. They realised that they will have to grow the audience and the segment together. This meant that they considered season 1 a big success.

In a recent interview with Slingshotesports, Karen Brodkin talks  to Vince Nairn about Eleague, CSGO and their partnership with TBS. She mentions that TBS will be turning to other esports in the upcoming year. This sort of hints at the rumors of TBS moving to include Overwatch in the next year. TBS and WWE IMG form a transition point for sponsors who are new to the entire esports scene to enter the scene. Their confidence in TBS and WWE-IMG via NBA and other prominent sports means that they can trust them. With season 1 being such a success, it is much easier for Eleague to continue. They can show actual numbers while pitching for more content and more storylines across esports.

Eleague will only get bigger and better in 2017. With sponsors as Gfuel, Snickers coming into esports, we can only expect the entire scene to grow.