Hiko and Stanislaw to swap placed on their teams

The Eleague Major has come to an end and we are all awaiting a season of roster changes and team composition changes.

In a surprise move, Optic Gaming announced the departure of Stanislaw from their roster. This announcement was made through their Youtube Series Vision Episode.

According to a report by Dekay from SlingShoteSports; Stanislaw will be looking to join Team Liquid. This paves the way for Hiko from Team Liquid to Join Optic Gaming.

Hiko has always been on the lookout to create the worlds Best team that would hail from NA. He was a part of the Cloud9 team in 2015 that made regular inroads into top four finishes in the major tournaments. However post several months of bad results he moved on to a streaming platform. He waited his oppurtunity to create another great team in the form of Team Liquid. Team Liquid went on to the finals of a major where they lost to Team NaVI. This is the closest that any team has come to actually winning a major.

In all the instances that a NA team has been successful, Hiko has been a big part of the team. His guidance and the role he plays in actually making players comfortable around each other is huge. He will now be joining team Optic as he looks forth to winning another big title. The next Major event while not yet announced will be a big battleground as several teams will come off fresh roster changes.

In the upcoming days we will hear news of the new French teams along with several Swedish roster changes as well.