ESL tie up with David Hill.

ESL is one of the industry leaders in eSports viewership. With multiple events over the year across the geographical expanse, ESL has become fairly successful as the industry behemoth.

In a recent exclusive interview with David Hill,  Website Variety have reported that ESL are looking forth to make eSports viewing with a pay per view model.

This is the first time such a notion has been reported. Pay Per view is not something endemic to eSports.  A similar model was tried out during the early days of CGS. However after the dramatic failure of CGS any such plans were dropped by other companies. CGS folded within 2 years of its launch. Despite promising and guaranteeing its existence for five years the employees were fired en masse over email.

One of the principal designers behind the failed CGS model was David Hill. David Hill has achieved success in his career as a executive producer on Fox Sports. His experience with traditional sports was one of the reasons he was brought onto esports platform.

For any person without an intrinsic understanding of esports it is extremely difficult to work in esports. The esports culture nurtures the millennials, who are the prime consumer targets for 80% of the brands today. Understanding millennials and their culture has proven to be a difficult task for many industry experts. This has been proven with the unexpected rise of applications such as Snapchat.

Post CGS, ESports has picked itself up and has slowly but surely ensured its growth. The launch of several successful and big ticket games such as League of Legends, Dota2, CSGO only helped cement the growth of eSports. We were provided with a medium through which we can view esports content unfiltered. Twitch proved to be a runaway success paving way for its $970 million buyout by Amazon.

According to William Hill, reporting in esports is unprofessional and needs refining. This definitely does not seem to be the opinion of the majority who love the casters and commentators as they are.

“Being absolutely fair, it’s not the acme of television production,” Hill said. “We’re going to make gaming [TV] network-ready, because we firmly believe the next big thing in entertainment is video gaming.”

William Hill has only recently launched into the esports betting scene, hoping to compete against other esports betting sites.

It is baffling to the industry experts that ESL would actually go back to David hill to help them in their foray into television. David Hill abandoned esports as soon as the CGS model failed. Bringing him on into esports yet again would prove to be a disaster. However we are definitely better equipped and much more diversified this time around.

In the words of Richard Lewis , NeverAgain