Dreamhack Las Vegas talent lineup announced

The talent lineup for Dreamhack Las Vegas has been announced.

With only 14 days left for the big event at Las Vegas, Dreamhack has announced the talent line-up for the big-ticket event. Dreamhack Las Vegas is scheduled to be held from 15th to 19th of February 2017 at MGM Grand. It is one of the first events to be held at Las Vegas. With the Nevada Gaming commission’s focussing on getting esports to the state, this marquee event will be a test for the success of future events in the region.

William Hill has also announced it’s interset by offering bets at the Las Vegas DreamHack. Esports betting sites are already offering odds and providing predictions.

The talent lineup announced include :

  • Smix
  • Mantrousse
  • Machine
  • SpunJ
  • Thorin
  • Moses
  • YNK
  • HenryG
  • Sadokist
  • Anders
  • Semmler